Spray tanning FAQs


Frequently asked questions about spray tans and fake tan.

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How does fake tan work? Fake tan contains a chemical called DHA, which reacts with the air and the amino acids in the top layer of the skin, causing it to gradually darken. Only the uppermost skin cells are affected.

Is it safe? Yes, it is completely safe! DHA is non-toxic and the skin darkening reaction is confined to the top later of the skin only – nothing is absorbed into the body. This is highlighted in the way that a fake tan fades away slowly as the skin cells undergo their natural regeneration process and flake off the body.

How long does a spray tan take? It takes just 15 minutes for a top to toe spray tan! It’s super quick, hassle free and promises to create a flawless finish. Once your skin dries you should pop on some loose clothing to avoid creating any marks on the skin, wait for the colour to develop and wash the solution off in the shower.

How should I prepare for a fake tan? Remove any unwanted hair a couple of days before your sunless tanning session. This is especially important if you tend to wax your legs and underarms because it gives time for your open pores to close up. If fake tan is applied immediately after a wax it can lead to a spotty finish and possible streaks. Be sure to moisturise as well in order to hydrate the top layer of skin cells that will react with the clever darkening ingredients in spray tan solution.

How long does a spray tan last? Your radiant tan will last for about 5 to 7 days depending on how well you care for your skin following your treatment. If you moisturise your skin regularly and avoid using harsh shower gels and soaps that can cause the colour to fade, your burnished tan will look glorious all week.

Does fake tan smell? When fake tan was first created it did have a tell tale ‘biscuity’ smell. However, modern formulations are scented with sweet fragrances that are highly effective. Many of our products contain natural ingredients that rejuvenate the skin, improve elasticity and reduce the risk of developing cellulite. What more could you ask for?