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How to even out a lopsided eyebrow

2 Min Read Tuesday 24th December 2019

Has your client over-plucked one eyebrow? Have they got a scar that makes it tricky to get both brows to look even? Is one eyebrow higher than the other?The truth is, nobody has identical brows but you can adopt some quick tricks to even out lopsided eyebrows when you want them to look as similar as possible. Here’s the intel:

  1. Use a paper eyebrow ruler to help you map out where the arch, tail and centre of each brow should be. Make sure the brows are equidistant from the bridge of the nose and take your time to figure out how to make the eyebrows align before you pick up that wax. Each sticky-backed eyebrow ruler has three points marked on the paper to help you create the perfect shape. Here’s more on how to use an eyebrow ruler.
  2. Take an eyebrow pencil and mark each point to create a level brow. If one brow is higher than the other you may want to remove some hairs under the arch of one and leave the top of the other untouched. Draw an outline to give you a something to follow when you don’t have the support of the eyebrow ruler to fall back on.
  3. Wax only those hairs that sit outside of the natural shape of the brows so you can assess the shape and decide if more hairs need to be individually plucked with tweezers. The key is to take it step by step so you don’t remove hairs that would’ve helped to bulk out the shape and encourage eyebrow symmetry.
  4. Draw in fine hairs with an eyebrow pencil where needed to balance out the brows further. Your client can continue to draw hairs in to fill in any smaller gaps until they (hopefully!) begin to regrow.
  5. Use longer hairs to cover any larger gaps and set the shape with fixing serum.

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