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Hot wax vs warm wax; the lowdown

3 Min Read Monday 9th September 2019

Which variety of wax should you be using at your salon? If you’re stumped, here’s a handy explainer to help you decide which side of the ‘hot wax vs warm wax’ fence you should be on:


Hot wax shrink wraps itself around the hair itself, rather than on the skin. It dries quickly (turning almost translucent) but remains pliable because it has a¬†flexible, high viscosity consistency. It doesn’t become brittle or snap upon removal even when it’s applied super-thinly.

Warm wax has a creamier texture that also applies thinly without dragging, but it doesn’t dry as fully as a hot wax — it needs to retain some tackiness so a strip can stick to it.

Application technique

Hot wax shrink wraps around the hairs so it can be pulled off in one swift motion without the need for a disposable strip. Instead, a spatula is placed at one end (so it adheres to the wax) and used as a tool to quickly pull away and remove the product. Some therapists prefer this variety of wax because it eliminates the need for strips. However, bear in mind that hot wax does have to applied in more concentrated, smaller areas to guarantee a controlled and comfortable removal.

Warm wax can be applied thinly over greater surface areas and requires a strip for removal. It’s great for tackling large areas at speed because wide strips can remove lots of hairs at once.

Best for..

Hot wax is ideal for precision hair removal over small areas, such as the face, underarms and bikini area. It’s designed to work best on coarse, terminal hairs so it’s brilliant for removing stubborn chin hairs and unruly armpit growth. Some therapists prefer using it on the bikini area because it eliminates the need for strips and puts them in better control as long as they apply it in smaller, manageable sections.

Warm wax is the perfect variety of wax for large treatment areas, like the legs and arms. It’s ideal for applying over the skin in longer lengths because removal is achieved with a paper or cotton strip, unlike hot wax which is swiftly ripped off either with the hand or the edge of a wooden spatula.

***For the best of both world’s try our Gold Film Hot Wax, which can be applied over large areas like a warm wax but removed without a strip like a hot wax. It removes hairs as short as 1-2mm in length and can be used on smaller sections for facial and intimate areas too.***

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