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Handling unusual waxing requests

2 Min Read Friday 18th August 2017

Leg, underarm, face and intimate waxing treatments are standard therapies at most beauty salons. But what do you do if a client requests something that’s not on the list?

Some treatments, like waxing the nipple area, the nape of the neck or hairline, might not be requested regularly but they aren’t unusual or difficult to accommodate — if you feel comfortable carrying out these therapies there’s no reason why you shouldn’t provide a little flexibility for longstanding clients.

make sure your prices reflect the extra effort and time

It can be trickier when clients make unusual requests, like asking you to shape their pubic hair in a particular shape. Hollywood waxes and Brazilians have certainly risen in popularity so if you’re practiced at intimate waxing you might not have any qualms about creating heart shapes or other designs (a thin spatula and a template can help if going freehand seems too risky). Just make sure your prices reflect the extra effort and time you’ll be putting in to meet these unique requests. However, if this service is something you feel uncomfortable about, there’s nothing wrong with politely informing your client that you only offer therapies that are on your treatment list.

get as much info as you can during a consultation

Some clients may come to you to discuss issues that have made their skin more sensitive and delicate, like eczema or chemotherapy. It’s important to get as much info as you can during a consultation to guarantee that it’s safe to wax over their thinner skin and to clue up your client on their treatment.

Other clients may be dealing with thicker and faster hair growth over their chin and face due to conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome. Waxing over stubborn or thicker areas of hair is perfectly fine but clients may need to return more frequently for repeat treatments if they are battling with a quicker rate of growth. It can also help to ask them to trim down longer hairs, especially before intimate waxing, to avoid unnecessary discomfort and embarrassment.

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