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Does drinking more water make a real difference to dry skin?

2 Min Read Tuesday 21st January 2020

Scores of celebs swear by the healing power of drinking plenty of water when it comes to brightening up dull skin, improving its texture and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Drinking at least 8 glass of water per day is also believed to boost energy levels, increase focus and reduce tiredness.

But is any of it true?

Drinking lots of water does help with cell renewal, which keeps the skin looking plump and soft. However, water alone isn’t the sole cure for relieving dry skin, clearing breakouts and beating acne.

The truth is that genetics, exposure to UV rays, hormonal imbalances and any medications you might be taking can all play a part in the skin’s texture and appearance. The same can be said for smoking, alcohol consumption and even pollution. Drinking more water isn’t enough to counterbalance all of these issues in full. Rather, the health of the skin depends on a variety of factors.

Alongside drinking water and eating a healthy diet, caring for your skin directly via cleansers, serums and moisturisers can help it to look youthful and hydrated. Small habits can also make a big difference when totted up over the years. For example, always removing your make up before bed (taking care to double cleanse), applying a nourishing moisturiser and using a face oil can all add up to improving the health of your skin, especially during the winter season when it can feel extra dry and uncomfortable.

What’s the upshot? Drink lots of water but don’t rely on good old H20 to be a cure-all. Combine it with healthy living and a responsible cleansing routine to brighten and protect your skin as you age.

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