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How to create a relaxed waxing experience

2 Min Read Tuesday 17th May 2016

It’s natural for clients who are new to waxing√Ǭ†to feel some apprehension about their upcoming treatment. Helping√Ǭ†them to feel relaxed is an important part of your job because a happy client means repeat business for your salon.

The first way to create a relaxed atmosphere is to double check that the treatment room looks neat,√Ǭ†calming and restorative. An inviting setting will help your client√Ǭ†feel secure and confident that they’re skin is being cared for by a professional. You may want to play some calming music√Ǭ†in the background too.

Provide plenty of information about√Ǭ†the key stages of a waxing treatment right at the very start with a quick consultation. If your client knows√Ǭ†what’s coming up they’ll feel in control and prepared. This will also give you the chance to pick up on any allergies or skin sensitivities and adapt the treatment accordingly by using milder products√Ǭ†(Peppermint Gelee Warm Wax is free from rosin and tea tree and is formulated especially for extra-sensitive skin).

Also make it a point to explain which products you’ll be using and why:

  1. Cleansing gel is applied to remove impurities, cleanse, sanitise and prime the skin for wax application.
  2. Warm wax is used on large treatment areas and a paper or fabric strip is used to remove the wax and any unwanted hair with it.
  3. Cooling Crème soothes the skin, calms redness and moisturises the skin post-waxing.

Before applying the wax check that your√Ǭ†client is comfortable and in the right position on the treatment table. Begin on a small area of the skin to confirm that your client is happy√Ǭ†with the temperature of the wax. Keep the conversation going to take√Ǭ†your client’s mind off the mild discomfort of their hair removal treatment.

At the end of the treatment rebook your client for their next wax; booking in advance guarantees some repeat business! Why not offer a multiple booking discount and take the opportunity to maximise your earning potential? Or create a package/bundle offer that includes leg, bikini line and face waxing in time for the summer?


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