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Can you wax over eczema?

2 Min Read Tuesday 8th August 2017

Daily shaving can exacerbate eczema, making the skin feel sore, uncomfortable and itchy.

Using a razor over inflamed patches of raised skin causes minor cuts and nicks on the surface can also lead to infection.¬†So besides from giving up on hair removal altogether, what’s the solution to protecting the health of your skin when you’ve got eczema?

Wave bye bye to those blades and wax once a month instead of shaving throughout the week to protect dry, sensitive skin from becoming further irritated. Better yet, regular treatments will make existing hair growth feel finer and sparser with time.

Protect dry, sensitive skin from becoming further irritated

If you suffer with mild eczema you should be fine to book in for a professional waxing treatment, as long as the salon uses a wax that’s formulated for use on sensitive skin types (Sienna X waxes are ideal for using on temperamental skin because the gentle ingredients are mild yet effective when it comes to removing unwanted hair from the face and body).¬†If your skin is weeping, moist, or begins to bleed always wait until it clears up before booking in for a wax – cracked skin is open to infection and must be fully healed before wax products can be applied to the area.

As always, we’d advise getting a quick patch test done first

As always, we’d advise getting a quick patch test done first to double check that your skin reacts well to any cosmetic product you’re trying for the first time. Plus, it’s worth having a consultation with your therapist about your skin concerns beforehand so your unique requirements can be noted down for referral later down the line. For example, your therapist might opt to apply an extra touch of pre-wax oil to soothe and hydrate the skin prior to your treatment and follow up with a luxurious moisturiser at the very end to nourish away any dryness.

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