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An expert guide to using clear tanning solution

2 Min Read Friday 15th March 2019

Clear tanning solution is applied in exactly the same way as regular tanning solution with just a single difference — you won’t be able to see which areas you’ve covered because the solution is 100% transparent. That’s right! It’s completely see-through!

Transparent tanning solution is ideal for therapists who have oodles of experience and have got a bit of muscle memory when it comes to delivering the perfect spray tan everytime. Once you feel that you can complete an entire spray tan without thinking, you’re probably ready to try see-through tanning solution.

The truth is, it can be tricky to map out exactly which areas your spray gun has covered when you’re using clear solution, so we advise sticking to a tried and tested routine to guarantee you don’t accidentally miss any bits out. Concentrate on your routine and take it slowly to reduce the risk of error. Also, promote it as a premium treatment; not every therapist will have the skills and expertise to offer it.

Sometimes our clear solution is described as bridal tanner because it’s brilliant for using on soon-to-be brides; there’s zero risk of colour transfer occurring on a white wedding dress and clients can continue with their day without wearing guide colour. Brides get a gorgeous, super-fresh glow that they can maintain for the entirety of their honeymoon because they won’t need to get their fake tan done early (those who like to live on the edge could even get a clear tan on the morning of the wedding because it will never stain and simply develop into a natural-looking tan over the course of the celebrations).

As Spring approaches, now’s the time to promote bridal spray tans and particularly bridal spray tan fittings where brides (as well as grooms and the wedding party!) can ‘try on’ a few concentrations of tanner to see which shade suits their natural skin tone. A package deal of three to four tans spaced over a couple of months in the run up to the big day is perfect for giving the bride lots of time to consider her favourite shade. You’ll also be able to offer lots of prep and post-tan advice to help her look her absolute best for her walk down the aisle and beyond. Click here for more tips on getting ready for bridal season.

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