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Tips for setting up a bridal tanning service

3 Min Read Sunday 27th May 2018

Wedding season means big bucks for beauty salons. From nails and hairdos to make up and waxing, there are a glut of opportunities to make a small fortune on bridal beauty treatments. Why should spray tanning miss out on all the fun? Start a bridal tanning service with our tips and get your cash till ringing this spring and summer:

What is a bridal tanning service?

You know bridal dress fittings? A pre-wedding spray tanning fitting/service is just the same — the bride pops in a few times before the big day to try different concentrations of tanner and find the perfect colour match.

Our top tips for getting started:

  1. Analyse the local market and see what other salons offer to give you a better idea of what to include in each package and how much to charge. Offer something extra or create a package that’s excellent value for money and you may pip other salons to the post in attracting new clients.
  2. Having said that, don’t be afraid of a little mark up. Bridal tanning is supposed to be a luxurious service with bespoke treatments, advice and guidance; it’s not your average run-of-the-mill tan and so charging more makes sense.
  3. Do you want to offer contoured tans for brides that take more time and require more expertise? Have a selection of options available at different rates so clients can find a deal that suits their budget.
  4. Think about timing. You’ll want to offer a series of tanning treatments in the run up to the big day so the bride-to-be can ‘try on’ different tans and choose the appropriate colour match that perfectly complements her wedding gown. Work backwards from the date of the wedding and pencil in a treatment for every two to three weeks to guarantee a consistent income from a single client.
  5. Providing aftercare advice and products, like Radiance Body Balm, can transform a simple set of spray tans into a luxurious package deal. Remember, bridal tanning is about creating an indulgent treat for the skin and making the bride feel pampered and prepped for her walk down the aisle. Do your best to add in little extras, like sachets of exfoliator or a free manicure, to build up a lavish service.
  6. Promote your new service on social media, your website and with old fashioned flyers and letterbox drops.
  7. Above all, make the bride feel special. Ask about the wedding plans, take an interest in her well being and give her a reason to return to your salon after the honeymoon.

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