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8 tips for nurturing a successful small business

2 Min Read Tuesday 13th September 2016

Take your salon to the next profit level by following these tried and tested business commandments:

  1. Take care of your employees. Be kind, courteous and professional with your staff members to create a welcoming atmosphere that your clients will feel a part of. Unhappy employees can spread their despondency to others and remove the cheer from your workplace so set up regular appraisals, listen to their grievances and praise them for their hard work.
  2. Build long-lasting friendships with your clients. Returning clients are the bread and butter of the beauty industry and it’s essential that you retain repeat business to maintain a steady income. Take a genuine interest in your clients’ lives, remember key details about their work and hobbies and show that you care to give them a reason to come back.
  3. Amp up your reputation management. Hire someone to handle your social media profile or set aside time each day to add something new to your Facebook page or Twitter profile. A new blog, a special offer or details of new treatments will show that your business is active and attract new clients.
  4. Be flexible. Think about extending your opening hours for an evening to bump up your takings, offering a mobile tanning service or changing your offers to suit the season.
  5. Listen to your clients. If your customers tell you that they like a particular product think about upping your retail stock. Ask them for their feedback so you can make small changes to improve your customer service or place a suggestions box on the counter so that clients can offer their comments and rate your service anonymously.
  6. Stay ahead of the curve. Keep abreast of new techniques and products by attending sunless tanning courses and participating in waxing training. You don’t want to be left behind as other salons up their game and modernise their¬†profiles!
  7. Swot up on your finances. You should know everything there is to know about your income, expenditure, overheads, wages and and deductions. Stay in control of your finances to propel your business forward and look for ways you can maximise your income.
  8. Maintain stock levels. Order products and solutions well in advance to guarantee that you always have everything at hand if the need arises. There’s nothing worse than turning down clients because of poor stock calculations. Order your tanning solutions¬†here and your waxing essentials here.

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