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7 steps to sterilising your waxing treatments

2 Min Read Tuesday 9th October 2018

Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising are all rungs on the same ladder — the higher up you go (from simple cleaning through to deep sterilising) the more micro-organisms that cause disease are eliminated in¬†your treatment space. It’s vital you clean your waxing area daily with quick wipe downs and the thorough sterilisation of items like tweezers between each client.

Here are some simple steps to sanitising your waxing space:

  1. Always wash your hands with liquid soap and water before you begin any treatment even if all you’ve done since you last washed them was shake a client’s hand or take their coat. Follow up by drying your palms with a disposable paper towel that can be tossed away instead of a towel, which can harbour germs.
  2. Never skip the gloves! Opt for vinyl ones because many clients have a sensitivity to or are allergic to latex.
  3. Work areas and surfaces must be disinfected before each client to maintain cleanliness and create a welcoming environment.
  4. All linen and clean towels should be laundered at 60° to remove bacteria.
  5. To make life easier, wipeable plastic couch covers are useful — simply wipe them down between clients and use in conjunction with disposable couch/bed roll. Click here for more ideas on ways to use couch roll.
  6. Re-usable implements made of metal, like tweezers used to add definition to the brow after an eyebrow wax, must be disinfected between each client.
  7. Use pre-wax and post-wax cleansers, lotions and oil¬†to reduce micro-organisms on the surface of the client’s skin.

**Contaminated waste, including items that are soiled with blood, intimate wipes, disposable underwear and used wax strips, need to be disposed of in a separate bin with a yellow medical bin liner.**

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