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5 uses for couch roll

2 Min Read Friday 9th March 2018

Couch roll is perfect for laying along a beauty bed in preparation for each new client. It saves you from having to wash oodles of towels and quickly creates a neat, clean and professional environment for every treatment.

But don’t underestimate this handy essential! Here are five more uses for dependable ol’ couch roll that you might not have considered:

Wiping down surfaces

Back-to-back appointments leave little time to clean treatment areas between clients. Use couch roll to swiftly wipe down any counter space, absorb product spills and neaten up your waxing station.

Blotting excess oil

Applying a hydrating oil¬†before you begin is essential when waxing dry skin. A thin sheen of oil helps the wax to adhere to the hair shafts better, leading to smoother results, but too much can leave the skin feeling slippery. If you’ve accidentally overdone it with the oil use some scrunched up couch roll to¬†blot away the excess.

Protecting the floor

Ever had to waxing a client who couldn’t lie down on the beauty bed? Pregnant women can often find it tricky to get the backs of their legs waxed because they can’t turn over onto their baby bump. Get them to stand up and place some couch roll under their feet to catch any accidental drips as you wax their legs and thigh area.

Absorbing perspiration

It’s common for clients to get a little hot and sweaty during a wax if they feel tense or uncomfortable about revealing their body. This can make it much trickier for wax to adhere to their skin and reduces its effectiveness. Allow clients to wipe their underarms with couch roll to catch any perspiration that might hamper their treatment.

Cleaning hand mirrors

The lightweight texture of couch roll makes it perfect for cleaning mirrors, especially the smaller hand-held ones used to show clients the final results of an eyebrow wax or face wax. Simply scrunch some up and gently rub away smears in seconds without leaving any tissue fibres behind on the surface.

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