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5 reasons to use Sienna X hot wax at your salon

2 Min Read Tuesday 19th April 2016

Perfect for using on the face and body,√Ǭ†Sienna X Peppermint Creme Hot Wax is ideal for clients who suffer with skin sensitivities. Why not switch to using this rosin-free wax to protect your customers’ complexion? Here are 5 more encouraging reasons to make that switch today:

  1. It’s easy to apply a thin layer of wax over the skin, which means you’ll save on the amount of product you’re using per client. Even the thinnest layer is enough to grasp the smallest of hairs.
  2. It’s super-versatile;√Ǭ†suitable for all areas including eyebrows, lip, face, toes, intimate areas and the bikini line.
  3. This high performance wax boasts a rich texture that allows for precision hair removal. This is especially useful on small areas like the eyebrows, upper lip and chin where placement of the wax needs to be perfect.
  4. The non-stick formula doesn’t leave a residue behind so you don’t need to use up extra strips to remove leftover wax….
  5. Plus it’s non-stringy so you won’t make a mess over your treatment area and splatter your wax applicator/spatula. Less√Ǭ†clean up means you can swiftly move onto the next client without wasting time

Better yet, the gentle formula is mild on the skin, reducing the risk of redness and bumps!

Soothe the treatment area post wax with Cooling Creme, which instantly calms the skin and relieves discomfort. The fresh Peppermint fragrance infused into the formula is uplifting, creating the perfect end to your client’s waxing experience.

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