3 ways to add instant glamour to your brows

2 Min Read Monday 16th December 2019

Ditch that red lip this party season and highlight your eyes and brows instead with these simple tips on adding instant glamour to your eyebrows:

Shape and tint

Tweezing stray hairs in the bathroom mirror doesn’t always cut the mustard when it comes to lending your eyebrows some star quality. Get them professionally shaped to maximise their drama and while you’re there try eyebrow tinting. Dyeing your brows a shade darker instantly makes individual hairs look thicker and denser, transforming them into a glamorous focal point that draws attention to the eyes. Did you know a simple bar of soap and a spoolie can make your brows look thicker too? Here’s more on that.

Conceal and ‘browlight’

To truly showcase your brows, run a line of concealer underneath them to create a flawless finish. Concealer hides blemishes, uneven pigmentation and even the stubbly beginnings of new growth that isn’t long enough to be plucked out just yet. Buff it in to encourage the colour, texture and thickness of your brows to really pop against your skin. Finally, ‘browlight’ your eyebrows by applying highlighter under and along your arch to lend them an instant lift.

Fix and flex

Apply a clear fixing gel to your brows to set all that drama in place! Eyebrow setting serums are brilliant for maintaining the texture you’ve created with your spoolie and soap. They preserve the hairs lifted look, helping to lend the brows a denser appearance, which is exactly what you need when you’re going for gold with the glamour. Team up your setting gel with some clever positioning of any longer hairs and you can cover up sparser areas and gaps too!

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