How to make your eyebrows look thicker

2 Min Read Thursday 29th November 2018

Jump on the bushy-browed bandwagon and learn how to turn your eyebrows from thin to thoroughly thick. Here are our top tips on making your eyebrows look thicker:

Discover spoolies and soaps

You need to get yourself a proper tool to brush and set your eyebrows with. A spoolie is an indispensable eyebrow shaping tool that has a tapered head and soft bristles on the end — use it to brush your hairs up and out towards your temples so they’re all facing the same direction. This simple trick will instantly make your brows look thicker, especially if you throw some soap into the mix. Yes…soap. Stick with us! Gently rub your spoolie over a slightly wet clear bar of soap and brush it through your brows to lend each hair a waxy texture that creates the illusion of fuller eyebrows.

Invest in an angled eyebrow defining pencil

Have you seen our Sculpting Brow Pencil? It’s brilliant for drawing in precise hair strokes along any gaps in your brow because it’s got a triangular-shaped tip. Simply use the fine angled tip to ‘draw’ each hair in and add structure and depth with a shaded finish. Plus, the double-ended wand has a fixing serum on one end so you can set your brows once you’re done drawing in your hairs; everything you need in one handy, slimline product. Just make sure to choose the colour that closest matches the natural tone of your eyebrows; we’ve got Natrual Black, Warm Brunette and Dark Brunette to choose from.

Conceal and illuminate

Neaten your thicker-looking brows with a touch of concealer to brighten up your brow area; a matt concealer will soften any imperfections and a swipe of shimmer underneath will draw attention to your brow bone and lift your eyebrows, helping to frame your eyes.

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