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3 ways to boost retail sales

2 Min Read Friday 19th May 2017

Retail sales are the extra icing on the cake that can fast track a salon from¬†the successful to the¬†booming…

But the truth is that they often take a back seat to profits acquired through client treatments even though there’s little extra leg work to selling them and the guarantee of sizeable returns.

Here are three simple ways to improve your retail sales:

  1. Revamp your displays. If you’re retail products have been lined up on the same shelf, counter top or corner for months gathering dust it’s definitely time for a makeover. Place products in the eyeline of waiting clients and arrange smaller items at the cash till so you can upsell before payment. Have tester bottles available so customers can try a product before they buy. Change your displays every couple of months to draw fresh attention to your beauty wares and show clients that your salon keeps up with the times.

  2. Introduce¬†loyalty card stamps. Create loyalty cards purely for retail products. Every time a client purchases an item they’ll get a stamp in return, finally receiving a free product of their choice once the card is full. Better yet, stamp the card twice for a client who’s making their first purchase to make them feel like they’ll be making a saving in the long run.

  3. Package products with treatments. Give clients who have booked in for a treatment¬†access to special retail offers. For example,¬†10% off a bottle of Radiance Body Balm is perfect for clients who’ve just had a spray tan and want to prolong the life of their golden colour.

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