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How to upsell waxing packages

2 Min Read Tuesday 28th March 2017

Upselling is a clever way to maximise your takings from existing customers. But what exactly is it?

In simple terms, upselling¬†means suggesting additional therapies to clients who have already¬†booked a treatment. Because these clients are already¬†on board, it’s easier to¬†persuade them to purchase an add-on extra and increase your profits.

Here’s how to upsell waxing packages to your customers:

  1. Make your upselling suggestions relevant to your client’s initial booking. If they’re after an upper lip wax, suggest adding on an eyebrow shape; if they want to get their legs waxed mention your promotions on bikini waxes. It’s simpler¬†for clients to accept small additions to a service they already want than shell out for¬†something that’s completely off the radar.
  2. Use smaller¬†treatments, such as face waxing, as a springboard to discuss more profitable extras, like underarm waxing, that take little extra time. If persuaded, clients are more likely to try¬†shorter appointments over lengthier options. However, once you’ve got a customer on side and they’ve experienced your service, you can begin to recommend premium¬†treatments.
  3. Bundle waxing offers¬†together on holidays and special occasions. Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and even the start of the summer season make for superb promotional opportunities.¬†Offer a discount on treatments that are booked as packages, for example 10% off a leg wax when combined with an eyebrow shape.
  4. Mention which treatments are popular among your clientele. Hearing about the experiences and recommendations of other customers can encourage others to say yes to add-on services.
  5. Put a time limit on your offers. This puts a little pressure on clients to make the most of seasonal promotions while they’re available.

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