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3 tips to giving quicker spray tans

2 Min Read Monday 11th November 2019

Looking for pointers on how to spray tan quicker? We’ve got you covered with this trio of useful tips:

Clue up your client

Although removing make up, antiperspirant and skincare residue before a spray tan may take just five minutes, it all adds up when you’re doing back to back treatments from nine to five. Explain to your clients how these products can prevent tanner from ‘grabbing’ onto the skin, resulting in a patchy and uneven finish. Recommend that they arrive at their treatment barefaced and you’ll be able to skip through those five minutes that would otherwise be spent removing foundation and mascara.

Prep up your station

Prepare your kit and fill up your gun with solution before your first client arrives. Taking a few minutes of uninterrupted time to sort out your tools and equipment at the start of the day (or better yet, at the end of the previous day) will guarantee seamless treatments from client to client. Here’s a tip: if you’ve got a spare gun reservoir, fill it with a different percentage solution that you know you’ll be using later in the day — that way you can simply attach it to your gun when you need it instead of decanting and replenishing it repeatedly. For more details on storing leftover solution click here.

Follow a script

Stick to a set of clear and memorable instructions to help clients manoeuvre into the right positions quickly and correctly during their spray tan. If you have a few ‘go-to’ phrases you’ll be able to steer the treatment along at speed. Following a reliable, repeat pattern will make each session go by smoother and guarantee that you don’t accidentally miss any bits along the way!

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