3 tips to becoming confident at eyebrow waxing

2 Min Read Tuesday 8th October 2019

What do you do when you’re new to eyebrow waxing and don’t feel confident enough to get started? Here are three ways to boost your confidence, because it’s only when you have faith in yourself that your clients will have faith in you:

Practise as much as you can

Friends, relatives, colleagues — practise on anyone and everyone you can get your hands on. There’s no other way to gather experience than to wax an array of different brow shapes and hair textures. Plus, if you do it for free you’ll have lots of willing volunteers. Simply treat them as you would a paying client and they may return for a full price treatment when you’re fully up and running.

Perfect your technique and tool up

One way to feel less overwhelmed about waxing a bushier brow is to take off the bulk first and deal with the shape later. Wax off stray hairs that fall outside of the shape you want to achieve and then go in with the tweezers for precision removal. Removing hairs one by one will give you lots more control until you feel confident enough to use wax for the entire treatment and can keep the tweezers as a back-up. Although it may take more time, it will guarantee an end result that both you and your client are happy with. Going slowly will also give you a better eye for balance.

Be sure to use fine wax applicators, like these birchwood sticks that have a pointed tip at one end, so you can apply the wax thinly and precisely. Always check the temperature of the wax to guarantee a comfortable experience for your client and use tools like disposable brow rulers for extra support.

Ask for client feedback

Always hand your client a mirror and gauge their approval before you end the treatment. The benefit is that you’ll get an extra set of eyes on the shape you’ve created; your client might just pick up on any imbalances that can be rectified there and then that you’ve missed. Use them for extra support — in fact they’ll most likely appreciate being asked for their feedback.

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