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Women spend £133,000 on beauty and tanning in a lifetime

2 Min Read Friday 25th February 2011

The true cost of beauty has been calculated and it has been found that women will spend around £133,000 in their lifetime on beauty and tanning products.

A woman’s beauty bill will run into astronomical figures over the course of a lifetime as she spends thousands on maintaining her looks with beauty and tanning treatments.

If you have ever stared at your jam-packed bathroom cabinet, full of unpronounceable creams, powders, serums and lotions and wondered just how much it is costing you over a lifetime, then wonder no more! Ladies will part with an estimated sum of £133,575 across the course of a lifetime in order to stay looking good with the help of beauty products, hair treatments, home self-tanning lotions and spray tanning sessions.

Taking into account everything from gym memberships to salon trips and spray tans, the average woman will spend in the region of £2,055 every year to stay looking good.

Chaps on the other hand spend half that amount with £75,030 going on personal grooming. But it seems guys and girls have different priorities when it comes to preening, with men spending far more on their body and women forking out more on their hair and face. Around 56 per cent of women surveyed dedicated their hard-earned cash to beautifying their face, while 63 per cent of guys preferred to spend on buffing up their bodies.

Body upkeep costs women around £717 a year, including their spray tan sessions and fake tanning lotions. Researcher Sue Leeson said pampering in this way was important for our feelings of well-being: “Body maintenance is a vital part of feeling good about yourself and we all invest a lot of time and energy to look our best. Be careful, therefore, not to waste your pennies, seek advice from the experts and make informed purchases.”

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