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Will waxing bruise my skin?

2 Min Read Tuesday 13th November 2018

Bruising is internal bleeding underneath your skin that occurs when you injure yourself. When carried out with the proper technique, waxing is unlikely to bruise your skin.

Having said that, some groups of people are prone to bruising more easily than others during a wax:

  1. older people with thin skin that has fragile tissue underneath
  2. clients on certain medications, like topical creams that cause the skin to thin or drugs like aspirin, which affects the skin’s ability to clot
  3. those with skin sensitivities who tend to have adverse reactions to skincare products in general

If your skin becomes bruised after your wax and you don’t fall under these affected groups, your therapist’s technique may need to be reevaluated. During a treatment, if your skin isn’t pulled taut or the strip is pulled ‘up’ rather than ‘back’ on itself, it can disturb the tiny blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin and cause them to burst, which results in bruising. Always mention any adverse reactions you’ve had after your wax to your therapist — it’s their job to make sure your skin is protected so keep them in the loop so they can adjust their technique.

Normally a bruise caused by trauma to the skin from waxing should clear up within a few days just like any other bruise. Applying a cold compress to the area will help to limit the bleeding and reduce any swelling, encouraging it to fade faster. As always, we’d recommend visiting your doctor if you’ve started developing more bruises than normal or your skin isn’t recovering as anticipated.

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