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Will my Xmas leg wax last until the New Year?

2 Min Read Tuesday 17th December 2019

Get your leg wax done a couple of days before Xmas and it should definitely last into the New Year. In fact, your legs, bikini line and underarms should remain smooth and silky even if you wax them a week before the big day. On average, it takes at least three weeks for waxed hair to grow back!

This is brilliant when you’ve got heaps of parties to attend, presents to wrap and family-gatherings to organise over the holiday season, because you get to skip all the annoying and time-consuming bits of daily shaving. Simply go for a quick waxing appointment beforehand and you’ll be free from the shackles of hair removal for the entirety of Christmas and the New Year.

Waxing is more appealing than shaving and epilating because hair is pulled out from the roots that lie below the skin rather than being trimmed down above the skin. Nothing of each hair is left behind so the body has to make them again from scratch with a fresh root. This process takes time, which means you benefit from smoother, hair-free skin for much longer.

Better yet, when your hair does reappear it feels softer to the touch because every hair grows back with a fine and tapered tip unlike shaved hair, which has a blunt and sharp tip that can often feel itchy upon regrowth. These sharp, blunt edges also tend to result in more ingrown hairs because they can pierce the skin and grow inwards rather than up and out as intended.

What’s the upshot? Choose to wax over shaving this yuletide to benefit from smoother skin, softer regrowth and fewer ingrown hairs.

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