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Will going to a spa ruin my fake tan?

2 Min Read Tuesday 28th February 2017
  1. Do common spa treatments, such as massages, facials and visits to the steam room, ruin a fake tan?
  2. Do they encourage patchiness, generate streaks and make a golden glow fade faster?
  3. Should you get a tan before or after a spa visit?

Here are all the answers:

Massage and facials

Moisturising spa treatments are fantastic for boosting the lifespan of your fake tan. Hydrating lotions and luxurious skin creams will prolong your caramel colour rather than reduce it. However, the friction of a massage treatment (even when your therapist uses a moisturising product, like an oil) has an exfoliating effect on the skin, and mellows out a fake tan. Exfoliating facials, acid facials and deep cleansing treatments have the same effect. Get a massage or facial before your tanning treatment. Tanner glides better onto exfoliated skin, resulting in an even finish and a colour that lasts longer.

Steam room/sauna

Relaxing in a steam room or sauna is part and parcel of a spa experience. However, bear it in mind that the heat will open up your pores, cause you to perspire more than usual and in turn slightly lighten your tan. Cut back on the amount of time you spend in there and pat dry, rather than rub, your skin with a towel afterwards (rubbing the skin dry, with a rough towel will remove patches of colour and result in streaks).

Swimming pool

Prolonged contact with the chlorine in a pool at the spa can dry out the skin and strip away fake tan, reducing the lifespan of your glow. Take quick dips in the swimming pool rather than leisurely swims to curb the risk of diluting the depth of your tan. Also shower well after your swim to remove any excess chlorine and use a mild, pH balanced shower gel to cleanse the skin gently.

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