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Will a spray tan make my rosacea worse?

2 Min Read Wednesday 23rd July 2014


Alcohol-free Sienna X tanners won’t dry out the skin.

A caramel tan will tone down redness.

Blushing in public can be embarrassing, especially when you can’t control it or calm it down. For people who have rosacea – a skin condition that makes the face appear flushed and reddened without warning – this is a daily concern. Although there is no cure for the condition it can be camouflaged with clever skincare tricks, such as getting a sunless tan.

Some of the symptoms of rosacea include flushed cheeks, redness that doesn’t seem to go away, small bumps on the skin and occasionally the visible appearance of small blood vessels on the surface of the cheeks. A spray tan will add a golden colour to the skin, helping to balance out an uneven, red-based complexion. The darker hue will camouflage some of the lighter areas of rosacea, effectively ‘calming down’ the redness.

Sienna X spray tans are suitable for rosacea sufferers because they are alcohol free, so you can rest assured that a spray tan won’t make your rosacea worse.

Skincare products that contain alcohol can harm the skin’s natural protective barrier causing it to dry it out and increase redness. We don’t add any alcohol to our tanning solutions and instead use a mixture of safe alternative ingredients and natural extracts, such as cocoa butter and lemon peel oil that feed and nourish the skin.

However, we’d always advise that you do a patch test first before opting for a full-on fake tan application if you’re skin is sensitive and prone to break outs. Your tanning therapist will be happy to apply a dab of solution on an inconspicuous area, such as behind the ear, to make sure that your skin doesn’t react to any of the ingredients.

Once your patch test comes back clear there’s nothing stopping you from getting a spray tan every month to give you the body confidence you need.


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