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Will a spray tan make me look slim?

2 Min Read Friday 10th March 2017

A spray tan won’t effect your scales but it can help you to appear slimmer to the naked eye.

But how does it work?

Strategic contouring with light and shade creates the illusion of firm muscle tone, a slender torso and a defined waist.

In the same way that you’d use a bronzer or illuminator to highlight your cheekbones, tanning solution can define and enhance the existing muscle tone around your abdominals, arms and breasts. For example, applying a darker shade of tanning solution down the sides of the torso draws the eye inwards, causing the waist to look narrower.

Similarly, darker solution applied between the breasts can make the cleavage appear fuller and firmer. You can even sculpt your calves, define the muscles in your arms or simply make the skin appear tighter all over by cleverly combining light and shade to your advantage.

Customised tans, or ‘tantours‘, that focus on contouring will do much more than your average spray tan because they’ll sculpt and define your best bits. However, even a quick 15-minute spray tan will instantly accentuate your muscle tone and knock inches off your silhouette. Better still, the golden colour will hide scars, stretch marks and spots, even out your skin tone and add radiance to a dull complexion. The best fake tan will always enhance your natural features and celebrate your curves.

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