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Will a spray tan last through Christmas and New Year?

2 Min Read Monday 7th November 2011

Ensure your tan sticks around for New Year celebrations.

Guarantee that your tan looks fresh.

A well applied spray tan can last for more than a week if you look after it properly and top it up with a delicate tanning mist – that means you can look dazzling at Christmas parties and shine through to New Year with just a single treatment.

Achieving a pre-party glow is simple and takes just 10 minutes once you’ve stepped into the tanning booth. However, before you make your way over to the tanning salon it’s best to complete a couple of steps in your bathroom beforehand – it will help you to prolong your tan and ensure that your body looks even and streak-free.

If you book your session just before Christmas try to exfoliate your whole body a day or two before your treatment. This will remove dead skin cells, release any ingrown hairs and make your skin feel smoother to the touch. Follow this up by waxing or shaving your legs and underarms. It is important to do this early because if you wax on the same day as your session the tanning solution will seep into your pores and result in a spotty-looking tan.

On the day of your treatment do not apply any moisturiser or deodorant because it can act as a barrier to the tanning spray. However, once the tan has completely dried and you have washed off the guide colour be sure to moisturise from top to bottom. Continue to moisturise throughout the week and your tan should stay fresh for a longer period.

If key areas like the face and hands start to fade try using eXpress yourself tanning mist to cover up any lighter areas. You can layer up this product to create a darker finish all over your body or just use in specific spots as and when you need it. That means you’ll look sophisticated and healthy around the Christmas dinner table and glamorous and sexy on the dance floor when the clock strikes 12 to mark the start of the new year.

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