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Will a fake tan cover up spots?

2 Min Read Wednesday 30th January 2013

shades of tanCamouflage marks with a subtle fake tan.

Hide blemishes in an instant.

Great looking skin breeds confidence. And there’s no quicker way to helping your skin look fabulous than with a luscious fake tan treatment that can lift your colour and mask unsightly marks.

A sunless tan is perfect for bringing a touch of radiance to your skin and building a gorgeous glow. Better yet it can hide a multitude of blemishes including spots, scars and stretch marks, making it an indispensable addition to your monthly beauty routine.

The clever substance in fake tan, known as DHA, reacts with the amino acids on the top layer of the skin to colour it gradually and evenly. This works to camouflage any unpleasant marks and gives rise to healthy-looking skin that boasts a uniform appearance. Although most scars will fade away over time there’s no harm in hiding them for the time being with a discreet and natural-looking tan. Stretch marks from pregnancy and superficial acne scars can be covered with fake tan as well to reduce their prominence and even out the skin colour.

Fake tanning is especially useful if you feel self-conscious about your skin and want a quick-fix that will help you to feel confident and attractive for a special occasion or event. After a treatment you can feel relaxed and assured that your skin looks healthy, revitalised and fresh. Plus it will give you the boost you need to wear the outfit you’ve always dreamed of at your next party.

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