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Why use fabric wax strips over paper ones?

2 Min Read Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Fabric and paper waxing strips are disposable, cost-effective and made of high quality materials that result in a more comfortable treatment for your client. Either option is brilliant for leg waxing, intimate waxing and face and eyebrow waxing, depending on the variety of wax your salon favours.

Fabric strips can have loose bits of fibres on them that you’ll need to shake off before applying to the skin, unlike smoother paper strips, but they also have lots of positives going for them:

Perfect for grabbing stubborn hairs

Fabric strips have a stronger weave than paper varieties of wax removal strips. They don’t tear and they stick brilliantly onto thicker, terminal hairs so they can be successfully removed in a single motion. Re-waxing areas where stubborn hairs have been left behind or broken can result in bruising so catching every hair on the first go and removing it from the root is always the goal.

Flexible and softer to apply

The softer texture of fabric strips means they feel more luxurious when pressed against the skin, which lends a deluxe feel to regular old waxing treatments. Fabric strips also mould well against the curves of the body, especially around the bikini area, ensuring that every contour is covered. They can also be used more than once on the same client during the same treatment.

**We wouldn’t recommend washing and re-using fabric wax strips for hygiene reasons. **

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