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Why one coat is enough

3 Min Read Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Shopaholics stand down! We’re not staging an intervention over your addiction to jackets and anoraks; we’re talking about tanning solution! Is one coat genuinely enough to achieving a flawless golden glow?

In a word, YES! Sienna X tanning solutions are formulated to work best in a single application.

A¬†fine sheen of product, applied evenly over the body, is more than enough to lend the skin a bronzed finish that lasts. While it’s true that the 50mls of solution we recommend per client doesn’t look like much, especially when it’s aerated and misted over the body, it really is plenty.¬†There’s never a need for a repeat coat in the same session.

The key to achieving an immaculate spray tan is to apply enough product so you can see the guide colour but never so much that the skin begins to appear damp. If drips and beading start to develop over the body then you’ve overdone it and need to turn down the density dial on your spray gun. It’s these drips and beads that will create the streaks and spots that result in an uneven, messy and unsightly finish. Applying a second coat of tanning solution will only increase the dampness, beading and dribbles. Spray tan solution washes with the top layer of skin, therefore when spraying twice in the same appointment, you’re only causing guide colour to sit on top of guide colour. Therefore immediate results appear darker, but its actually only the first layer that develops.

It’s better to apply a single coat and allow the colour to develop before second-guessing the strength of your tanning solution and applying more product during the same session. Much like over-salting a meal, you can’t take colour away but you can add more by reapplying a day or two later if your client requests a deeper shade. Make a note of your clients wishes. Next time use a stronger solution with a higher concentration of DHA to attain a deeper colour with a single application.

It’s also worth arming your client with useful info so they understand why one coat is enough:

  • The guide colour is not a reflection of what their final tan will look like! It’s simply an application aid for therapists.
  • They will only know how their tan will settle on their skin after the developing time is over and they’ve had a shower.
  • Adding more solution isn’t the most effective way to attaining a deeper colour. An additional application will increase the risk of creating streaks and patches.
  • Every skin tone reacts differently to spray tanner so there’s no uniform result for all clients.
  • If they want a richer tan they’ll need a stronger solution, not a double application of a lighter one.

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