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Why is my fake tan streaky?

2 Min Read Thursday 6th June 2019

A tiger-striped fake tan is never a good look — here’s what you might have done wrong and how to do it right next time:

You skipped exfoliating

A quick exfoliation a day before you plan on tanning will remove rough, dead skin cells, leaving behind a smoother surface for your tanner to glide over and cling onto.

You forgot to moisturise dry areas

A dab of moisturiser applied to particularly dry spots, like your elbows and ankles, just before you begin your treatment will prevent streaks (dry skin soaks up tanner and can make your final glow look patchy). Make sure you’re skin is also free from deodorant, perfume, body oils and make up as all of these cosmetic products can act as a barrier to tanning lotion and prevent it from ‘grabbing’ the skin effectively.

You used your hands instead of a textured mitt

A tanning mitt with a fibrous texture is brilliant for applying fake tan. It absorbs tanner and gently releases it as you buff it over your skin, which makes for an even and steady-handed application. Although you can apply tanner with your hands, a mitt encourages a better finish and your hands stay stain-free too!

You went long instead of round

Never blend your tanner onto your skin with long strokes because it can make your tan look stripy. A circular motion is better for encouraging a natural-looking, balanced finish. Go slowly, take your time and buff your fake tan in well to lend the skin a seamless glow. Plus, don’t be too stingy with your product — dragging small amount of fake tan over a large surface area will create inevitably encourage streaks.

You wore tight clothes afterwards

Once you’re done, wait as long as you can before putting your clothes back on to give your fake tan time to dry. Opt for loose, dark clothing to avoid leaving marks on your skin from clingy tops and jeans.

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