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Why is my bikini line itchy after my wax?

2 Min Read Friday 16th August 2019

If your bikini line feels itchy after your wax ask yourself these questions to work out why:

Did you wear tight-fitting underwear after your treatment? Tight knickers and jeans can irritate intimate areas by rubbing up against your freshly-waxed skin.  Next time opt for loose cotton underwear to avoid the risk of chafing the skin above and below your knicker line.

Did you go swimming on the day of your wax? Your skin needs time to heal after waxing and your pores need a day or so to close up. The chemicals in a chlorinated pool can aggravate skin that’s just been waxed and exacerbate redness and inflammation. Next time wait at least a day before taking a dip in the pool or splashing around at the beach.

Do you have sensitive skin? If your skin normally shows signs of sensitivity, you may find that it feels uncomfortable and itchy for a little while after your wax. The good news is that this will quickly subside. You’ll also able to take a break from using a razor, which can often inflame sensitive skin on a daily basis, leaving it feeling raw and tight.

Did you take a sauna or steam? Your pores are open immediately after a wax and the hot temperature of a sauna, steam or jacuzzi can prevent them closing up. If you’ve ever steamed your face to get your pores to open up so you can better remove blackheads and spots then you’ll already be familiar with this. Give your skin a little break from the hot temperatures of the steam room and return a day or two later.

Has it been several days since your wax? Your hair might be growing back in and this can feel itchy at times. Having said that, it shouldn’t feel as itchy as when shaved hair grows back, because each hair is growing back anew with a fine, tapered tip instead of a prickly, blunt edge. Once you get into a routine with your bikini waxes and all your hairs are in the same growth cycle you’ll find that the period between regrowth will be much longer.

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