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Why has my hair grown back so quickly after my waxing treatment?

3 Min Read Friday 26th October 2018

Waxing is supposed to leave you with smooth, hair-free skin for up to six weeks. Bear in mind that this is a ballpark figure and an average rather than a rule, with most people seeing a return in regrowth much sooner. If your hair has grown back quickly after your wax, here are few reasons why:

Your hair’s personality

Some of us have fine, blonde hairs that grow sparsely over the skin and when they appear they’re almost invisible to the eye. Others have thicker, darker hair that has a denser growth and is highly visible, which can make it look like it’s come back quicker.

Your ethnicity

Your ethnic background determines the texture of your hair. People from Mediterranean and Asian backgrounds tend to have darker, thicker hair that grows at a faster rate than people from European and Nordic areas. Unfortunately, there’s little you can do about this. Having said that, waxing your hair is far better than shaving it. By waxing your hairs, you allow them to grow back finer and softer. Plus, over time with regular waxing treatments it will appear sparser.

You’ve returned for a wax too early

Have you gone back for a follow-up wax too soon? You need to give your hair plenty of time to grow back before you book a new appointment, or you’ll remove new hairs and leave behind the ones that are still sitting under the surface and waiting to sprout. These hairs will grow as planned because you haven’t been able to remove them from the root.

You need to leave longer between waxes

This may sound similar to our previous point, but it’s a little different. What we mean is that you need all your hairs to be growing at the same stage (see here for more info on the hair growth cycle) to make the most of your wax. Leave your hair to grow for as long as you can before you wax it. Then keep up with regular maintenance appointments that are spaced out. Synchronising your hair growth will help your skin feel smoother for longer.

Medical issues

Lastly, your hair may be growing back quickly after a waxing treatment due to a diagnosed or undiagnosed medical issues. Hormone fluctuations caused by conditions like Polycystic ovary syndrome and some medications can all be potential factors as to why your hair is growing back at a faster rate.

The positive of waxing is that, unlike shaving which leaves the hair feeling stubbly and thick, your hairs are pulled from the root. This means that when they do grow back, they’re softer and finer to the touch because of their tapered tip. You’ll also benefit from a longer hair-free period as each hair shaft grows back from scratch, compared to shaving or depilating (where the razored hair grows back out almost immediately).

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