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Why has fake tan become so popular?

2 Min Read Monday 26th September 2011

Fake tan doesn’t look so fake any more.

Advances in product formulation have made sunless tanning a superb way to achieve a tan without breaking the bank.

Glamorous, professional and moisture enriching, modern fake tan is world’s apart from older products that created a streaky and unsightly finish.

Sales of sunless tanning lotions and sprays have been rising steadily for years, signalling that today’s clever formulas are giving outstanding results and garnering a mix of fans. From working professionals and stay-at-home-mums to university students and body-conscious men, fake tanning has amassed a diversity of followers who like to look healthy and sun kissed all year round.

Affordable and easy to apply at home, fake tan is the ultimate in practicality and convenience. Sienna X blends are foolproof and because you can layer up the applications you can achieve your desired depth of colour gradually – you’ll never awake the next morning looking darker than you had envisaged.

Of course the rise of celebrity has played a notable part in boosting the appeal of fake tan, together with easy access to quality products, serums and lotions. Everyone can look and feel like a star with a dab of extra colour that covers up blemishes but highlights the beauty of their natural features. Keeping a handy bottle of fake tan in the bathroom cabinet means you can top-up whenever you like ready for an event, social gathering or party. Perfect for adding that extra sparkle to a show stopping outfit or boosting your body confidence on the beach, sunless tanning is a beauty standby that’s ideal for any occasion – make sure you keep a bottle in your make up bag.

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