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Which size of spatula is best for leg waxing?

2 Min Read Tuesday 8th January 2019

Size matters when it comes to waxing — use larger spatulas for bigger areas, like the legs, arms and underarms, and slimmer ones for smaller areas like the upper lip, chin and face.

Our regular sized disposable wax spatulas feature a wide surface area and are designed to collect plenty of product in one motion, making leg waxes faster and neater. Each pack includes 100 spatulas; you’ll need to use about 14 to complete a full leg wax. Simply use each spatula once and dispose immediately to maintain standards of hygiene and eliminate the risk that double-dipping (re-using a spatula) can bring. Putting a used spatula back into your wax pot can spread bacteria and it looks unprofessional. Also be aware that clients who know about the risks of double-dipping tend not to return to salons that do it! Make sure you’re not one of them.

For more controlled application, perhaps around the intimate areas, upper lip and face, we’d recommend slimmer wax spatulas that give you a better command of navigating those narrower portions of the body that require greater precision.

If you’d like to limit your salon waste, metal wax spatulas are the perfect environmentally friendly option. They’re cost effective, hard-wearing and you can use them as often as you like! Use them in the same way as disposable spatulas (i.e. no double-dipping!) and sterilise them with wax cleaner after each treatment so you can safely use them on another client. Again you’ll need about 14 metal spatulas for a full leg wax but they make a fantastic long-term investment for salons that want to go green.

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