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Where to buy Sienna X tanners on the high street

1 Min Read Tuesday 16th April 2019

Have you heard the news? Our at-home tanners are now available to buy on the high street at Superdrug stores across the UK!

Although we agree that online shopping is super-convenient, there’s nothing to rival a touch of retail therapy at a real-life store where you can pick up all your essentials in one place. There’s a certain old-skool joy to wandering along the skincare aisle, reading the back of the bottles and popping something new in your basket isn’t there? It’s what lazy Sundays are made for.

You’ll find dependable favourites, from Self Tan Tinted Mist and Q10 Tanning Mousse to Gradual Tanning Lotion and Balance Body Wash, available in-store. Plus lots of new arrivals from our expanding tanning line, like Sleep Tanning Drops, which brighten a dull complexion overnight, to Eraser Self Tan Remover, which quickly corrects application mistakes like streaks and blotches. You can order everything online too via the superdrug website to prep, brighten and protect your tan.

Remember you can also order products from our retail range right here or find them at tanning salons that stock our consumer line. Isn’t it about time you tried a Sienna X glow?

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