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What's the difference between metal and wooden spatulas

2 Min Read Friday 29th November 2019

At first glance, metal waxing spatulas might feel like a bigger investment than wooden spatulas because they cost more.

However, the key thing to remember is that you’ll be able to reuse metal spatulas for years, depending on how well you maintain them, where as wooden ones are designed for single use only.

Some therapists prefer wooden spatulas because they’re convenient — simply use them once (no double dipping!) and dispose of them safely. They’re also made from a renewable material so you can feel like you’re doing your bit for the environment in terms of the manufacturing process. And because they’re cheap, they’re brilliant options for newbie therapists and mobile waxers who are still building their profile and working within a low budget. Waxing spatulas made of wood also come in a variety of sizes to assist with waxing larger areas, such as the legs, and smaller areas like the upper lip and eyebrows.

Metal spatulas need to be sanitised after use, which can feel time consuming to some therapists, but the benefits to the environment (and your expenses!) often outweigh this concern. Order a set of metal spatulas (you’ll need about 14 for a full leg wax) and you might never have to purchase them again if you keep them in good condition.

Of course, you may prefer to use a mix of wooden and metal spatulas during the same treatment. For example, metal ones are perfect for applying a thin application of product over a greater surface area like the thighs and slimline wooden ones¬†that you can throw away after use are great for intimate waxing if you’re concerned about hygiene.

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