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What's the best fake tan for dry skin?

2 Min Read Thursday 7th March 2019

Chapped, cracked and uncomfortably tight skin is common at this time of year when the cold snaps and frosty winds remove moisture from the skin and dry it out. We know just how annoying dealing with persistently dry skin is definitely no fun and how it can be tricky to know which skincare and cosmetic products will complement your temperamental skin type.

Regularly nourishing dry areas with a rich moisturiser can do wonders for your skin’s overall condition and soothe away any discomfort. If you’re searching for a self-tan that’s compatible with your dry skin. why not opt for a self-tan lotion, such as the Sienna X Gradual Self Tan Lotion because it’s used in much the same way as a regular moisturiser.

Simply apply it in the morning and allow it to lend the skin a gentle golden glow over the course of the day before washing off in the shower. Reapply as often as you like to amp your colour up a notch, revive a fading tan or add instant definition to the natural curves of your body, like your cheekbones and decolletage.

Packed with moisturising ingredients, this tanner is gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling immediately softer and smoother upon application. What’s more, the uplifting coconutty scent adds another layer of luxury to your at-home treatment so your skin’s left feeling pampered, protected and subtly golden in one fell swoop.

If you find that some areas of your body, like your knees and elbows, are particularly dry, we advise applying a small touch of your regular moisturiser to them before you blend your tanner on top to ‘even up’ your skin’s overall condition.¬† Dry skin is a bit like a sponge and tends to soak up anything you put on it. Often, if you apply a self-tanner directly onto commonly dry areas such as your knees, ankles and wrists, there’s a risk of too much of it being absorbed, leading to an uneven, patchy tan.¬†The key is to always start with a smooth, conditioned base to guarantee a flawless glow at the end.

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