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What's a Manzilian

2 Min Read Tuesday 3rd March 2020

A Manzilian is a Brazilian wax that’s been adapted for men, so if you’re a fella who’s wondering what that might entail, here are all the details:

A Brazilian for women removes hair outside and inside the knicker line as well as all the way under and around the back of the bottom. Every hair is waxed off except for a long and thin area of hair that’s left behind at the very front, which is often described as a landing strip.

A Manzilian is pretty much the same — all hair is removed from the front and around the bottom but also from the scrotum, again leaving a small landing strip at the front.

With any form of intimate waxing, therapists can use warm or hot wax. Warm wax is removed with a strip where as hot wax is applied, allowed to harden and then pulled off without the aid of a strip.

Wearing loose underwear after your male Brazilian wax will give your skin some time to recover and allow any redness to quickly subside. A cooling gel applied after the treatment will also instantly soothe and calm any immediate discomfort.

Manzilians and other forms of intimate waxing for guys are rising in popularity because they eliminate the need for trimming and frequent grooming. It can take up to four weeks for hair to return after waxing because each new follicle has to grow again from scratch. It also feels softer to the touch when it reappears because the tips are fine rather than blunt-edged.

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