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What to take to a mobile facial appointment

2 Min Read Thursday 12th December 2019

Skincare clients adore mobile facials because they get to experience all the best bits of a professional beauty treatment while relaxing in their own home and preferably wearing a pair of comfy pyjamas.

If you’re thinking of offering a mobile facial service here are some basic bits you’ll need for your kit:

A facial steamer

These are ideal for facials that include extractions, such as blackhead removal. They’re an affordable investment and are light enough to be portable. Simply fill the base with water, switch on and allow the steam to develop. Of course, you can create a makeshift steamer with a large bowl filled with hot water and a towel if you haven’t got a plug-in version. It works just as well.

A foldable couch

Ask your client if they have the space for your portable beauty bed when they’re booking their appointment. Spare rooms and kitchens are perfect places to set up but even a hallway, conservatory or garden will do (if the weather allows!). Try to position the couch near a sink so you have access to hot water. Also, sandwich a clean towel and couch roll between the beauty bed before you set off. It’ll save space and mean you’ll be instantly ready to start the treatment upon arrival.

A flask

A flask is perfect for keeping your water at the right temperature if your facial includes a hot towel treatment. It also means you won’t have to keep nipping to the sink for refills.

A beauty case or vanity box

Prep your case with all the skincare products you’ll be using from serums and exfoliators to moisturisers, masks and oils. Keeping them organised in a single space means you’ll always have what you need for a variety of facials for clients with oily, dry, sensitive or normal skin. Pack cotton wool pads, spare flannels and tools like blackhead extractors and tweezers too.

Added extras

Candles, a music playlist and essential oils for aromatherapy can all help to create a relaxing atmosphere for your client, transforming their home into a tranquil spa.

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