What to do if my eyebrows won't grow in

2 Min Read Thursday 15th August 2019

Castor oil, petroleum jelly, coconut oil, prayer — you’ve tried everything, bypassed the tweezers and avoided your eyebrow therapist for months, but still, your brows look as bare as a sunbather in the Seychelles.

So what should you do when your eyebrows show no signs of growing in no matter how much you condition them?

Enter the eyebrow product of the century, the Sculpting Brow Pencil! No one needs to know that your brows are naturally sparse when you’ve got this secret weapon up your sleeve to help them look thicker, heavier and denser in seconds.

Simply use one side of the pencil (available in dark brunette, warm brunette and black) to gently ‘flick’ on individual hairs to create a brow that looks naturally lush. Or, use the triangular-shaped tip to create a blocky shaded finish if you like to make a serious statement with your brows. Then use the fixing serum on the other end of the product to keep your brows in place all day and maintain the sharpness of the pencil marks you’ve drawn in.

And want to know another instant way to add texture and depth to your brows that you can do right now? Eyebrow tinting!

Dying your hair a shade darker creates the illusion of a thicker brow because it picks up on those sparser and fairer bits of growth at the tail end of your eyebrows, bringing them to the fore. Plus, the extra definition that tinting brings, will frame your face and brighten your eyes.

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