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What to do if I'm unhappy about my salon wax

2 Min Read Thursday 9th May 2019

Like serving custard with sausages, us Brits lodging a complaint about something we’re unhappy about sounds like the unlikeliest of combinations. But sometimes there’s no other option but to convey your dissatisfaction with beauty services that don’t pass muster, especially if you’ve come away feeling shortchanged or have had an adverse reaction to the products used during your treatment.

Here’s what to do if you’re unhappy about a salon wax that you’ve received:

Say Something

Contact the salon immediately to discuss your concerns. The quicker you call, the better; in fact, popping back in person is ideal because your therapist will be able to take a first-hand look at your skin, assess any damage and hopefully offer an immediate solution.

Find a Fix

Some waxing complaints can be easily rectified. For example, if your bikini wax is uneven, a few hairs have been missed on your underarms or you’re eyebrow shape isn’t as uniform as you’d like, your therapist will likely repeat your treatment for free as quickly as possible. Other common post-wax issues, like bruising or raised spots, tend to be temporary concerns that can be reduced with the application of a cold pack, and certain topical creams can encourage the skin to heal faster if you’ve experienced a burn.

Do some Digging

If you’ve never shown any skin sensitivity before, your therapist might ask a few questions to find out what made a difference this time. Are you about to be on your period when the skin can often feel more tender than usual? Have you started or changed to a new medication that thins the skin, like a steroid cream? What skincare are you using and does it contain exfoliants like AHA that naturally increase the skin’s sensitivity? All these questions are really useful for pinpointing the source of the problem and making sure the same mistake doesn’t happen again.

A good therapist won’t take your complaint to heart or make you feel bad about speaking up. It’s in everyone’s best interests to find out what happened and fix it so you can feel secure enough to book in again for a follow up treatment.

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