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What should I wear during a spray tan treatment?

4 Min Read Friday 14th July 2023

One of the questions we’re often asked is ‘what should I wear during a spray tan?’ People ask this question because they are sometimes unsure of what is involved in a spray tan or perhaps they are hesitant to wear something uncomfortable or inappropriate. Well, rest assured, getting a spray tan is a simple and enjoyable experience, and that should be reflected in your choice of clothing.

The simple answer is to wear ‘whatever you feel most comfortable in’. It really is as easy as that! There are just a couple of things to be aware of before getting ready for your spray tan

Choose darker clothing options

While wearing something comfortable is our biggest piece of advice when it comes to choosing what to wear for your spray tan, we always recommend wearing dark clothing if you can. This will help to avoid the risk of any potential stains after your spray tan. Unfortunately, white or light colours and fresh tan don’t mix very well. Wear dark or black clothing to minimise any risk of staining.

No need to feel uncomfortable

Many people are wary of spray tanning because often they’re too shy to reveal their body to a tanning therapist. This may be because they feel embarrassed about scars or other marks on their body, or just feel uncomfortable being in little to no clothes in front of a stranger.

This is completely understandable, however, the thing to remember is that it’s totally up to you how much of your body you choose to reveal. You’re in control of your tanning treatment from start to finish. You should also remember that your tanning professional will be exactly that, a complete professional who will undertake your tan in a safe and discreet manner right from the start.

If you can, wear less

If you do feel comfortable revealing a little more skin, then you will see the benefits of doing so by having significantly less tan lines. But again it’s your call. If you don’t want to go topless you can wear a bikini or bra to try and minimise any visible tan lines. Many salons will also offer disposable underwear that you can wear during the treatment if you want to avoid staining on any clothing.

Top advice

To summarise, here our are top tips when it comes to what you should wear during a spray tan:

  • Comfort is key – Wearing comfortable clothing is a must. No matter how much skin you feel confident in showing, you’ll want to be comfortable before, during and after your tan. We recommend wearing loose-fitting and easy-to-remove clothing.
  • Stick to dark colours – A new spray tan will look amazing, but there is always a risk of some staining on your clothes, particularly when getting dressed after your tan. White or light colours and a fresh tan don’t go well together, so make sure to stick to black or dark colours.
  • Your body, your choice – A tanning professional will never force you to fully undress for a tan, it is completely your choice. Whether you feel confident to remove all your clothing, or are a little more reserved, you’ll be able to decide exactly how your tanning treatment is carried out.

Before your spray tan treatment, you’ll also need to decide just which treatment you would like. If you only want to tan your legs or your upper body and face you can opt for a half body spray tan. This could be perfect if you have a wedding or event coming up and want your legs to glow in a new dress. Not only will this tan still look amazing, it also works out cheaper than a full body tan.

The other option is a traditional full body tan, which will give you that complete head-to-toe glow and is a popular favourite to get that holiday vibe.

All tanning therapists are extremely discreet, professional and welcoming in their service. They’re trained to make their clients feel comfortable at all times.

Try a spray tan and we guarantee that you’ll leave feeling pampered and enamoured with your gorgeously golden skin. Go ahead and do it!

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