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What shoes should I wear if I'm going for a tan?

2 Min Read Tuesday 21st February 2017

Ballet flats, high heels or boots — wear any shoe you like on your way to your spray tan. It’s inside the booth where wearing the right footwear matters:

In the tanning booth:

Your therapist will give you¬†a pair of disposable ‘sticky feet’¬†to wear during your treatment. Sticky feet look like shoe¬†insoles and¬†have a tacky¬†surface that your feet can stick to. They prevent the soles¬†of your feet from becoming stained with colour while you’re in the tanning booth and provide your therapist with full¬†access to the tops of your feet. If you prefer, you can wear¬†your own pair of flip flops but remember that the plastic stems will get in the way of the spray tan solution, resulting in tan lines. There’s also a risk that the tanner will stain your footwear.

Following your treatment:

Wear loose fitting shoes, like clean flip flops or sandals, to avoid creating marks on the surface of your feet. Tighter footwear that rubs your skin or absorbent socks are off limits until your tan has fully dried.

Fake tanning tips for feet:

  1. Put nail polish on your toenails before a treatment to protect them from ‘grabbing’ the tanner and becoming discoloured…
  2. Or apply a touch of Vaseline over your nails to create a barrier to the solution.
  3. Before your spray tan rub a small amount of moisturiser over your ankles if they feel particularly dry. This will prevent your skin from absorbing too much product, resulting in a more uniform colour finish.


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