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What makes a good wax?

3 Min Read Friday 25th November 2016

Ask your clients what makes a great waxing treatment and they will probably say ‚Äòcomfortable, quick and with excellent results.’ But how do you create this experience? A great waxing technique is only half the battle and no good at all if the wax you are using is going to let you down! So what does makes a great wax?

Most depilatory waxes are made from a blend of raw materials such as beeswax and colophonium (also called rosin), which is a resin that’s found in pine trees. But the quality of these ingredients, as well as the way they are refined and blended, can have an effect on how good your final wax formula is.

High quality ingredients and formulas are therefore essential to creating a premium wax. The better the quality, the superior the final results.

Raw colophonium has excellent hair removal properties but is very unstable. It needs to be highly refined before it is stable enough to used in a formula, but also treated in such a way that it won’t lose its hair removal properties.

The raw materials found in Sienna X waxes are the best quality you can find; they’re then highly refined and expertly blended. This results is premium formulas that have high viscosity and give excellent results time after time. But what does this mean for you?

    1. Flexibility – waxes with high viscosity retain their consistency even when spread thinly across the skin for easy application.
    2. Your wax won’t become brittle, snap or leave behind any residue on the skin, resulting in quicker treatments with impeccable finishes.
    3. Your wax will keep its strong fragrance and rich colour.
    4. Having very high quality ingredients also ensures that waxes are more likely to be suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive or reactive skin.
    5. You’ll get excellent results even when the wax is at a low temperature, which is much more comfortable for your client.

What’s more, premium waxes are truly multi-purpose because they’re versatile enough to be used on everything from the bikini line and legs, to the underarms and face, and on both men and women.

Every Sienna X wax has been formulated with the highest grade of raw materials and ingredients, and all of our waxes undergo strict quality control checks to guarantee that every pot can be relied upon to garner the same premium results. Every batch is guaranteed to work as well as the last! And with an exclusive 3-step skincare system designed to help keep skin healthy and stress-free, you can now give clients a professional, premium waxing treatment that they will book in for again and again.

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