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What is needed in a professional spray tanning kit?

2 Min Read Friday 6th May 2011

Professional spray tanning therapists have a few essentials tucked away in their spray tanning kits – find out how they get the perfect tan!

Sienna X explain the equipment required to carry out a beautiful spray tan.

If you are a spray tanning therapist looking to get the perfect starter kit for your spray tanning business, Sienna X have a fully stocked trade shop and years of experience to help you choose the correct spray tanning equipment.

Specialising in both salon spray tanning businesses and mobile spray tanning, we know a thing or two about the items necessary for any therapist in the spray tanning industry. In addition to accredited training, getting the right spray tanning kit for your business can make all the difference and will ensure that your clients leave feeling fantastic every time.

Essential spray tanning machinery includes a spray tan mist machine and the spray tan cubicle itself. If you are a mobile spray tanning professional offering services on the go you will need a pop up spray tanning tent.

Providing high quality products is as important as offering impeccable services, so you’ll want the superb performance of a spray tanning solution that you can trust.

A spray tanning treatment wouldn’t be complete without additional spray tan accessories such as disposable t-strings, disposable sticky feet and disposable hair caps to give a professional finish and these are a vital part of every professional’s spray tan kit.

Similarly, no tanning therapist would be without their latex gloves or buffing mitts or preparation essentials; barrier cream, exfoliating spritz and tanning wipes. Plus with an award-winning retail range including body polish, moisturising balm and gradual tanning products, clients can maintain their even, natural-looking glow at home.


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