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What is Dihydroxyacetone?

2 Min Read Friday 24th January 2014

Tanning chemistry class.

Get your lab coats at the ready.

Science geeks…this one’s for you! Ever wondered how fake tan works? Let us enlighten you with our expert knowledge of the secret world of sunless tanning and the clever chemistry behind creating the perfect, golden colour.

Let’s begin with the magic ingredient in Sienna X self tanning products – Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This simple carbohydrate is the stuff that creates a beautiful, bewitching glow on the skin upon contact. It reacts with the air and the amino acids on the skin, causing the cells on the top layer of the skin (the epidermis) to darken. This process is quite similar to the way an apple starts to brown when its natural sugars are exposed to the air.

DHA isn’t absorbed by the skin, which means its skin darkening properties are limited to the uppermost layer of the skin only. As the skin cells begin to regenerate and flake away, your gorgeous glow will gradually slough off too resulting in a ‘gentle fade off’. This is the reason why a fake tan doesn’t last forever. But who would want it to? There are plenty of superb Sienna X tanning products to try that create a spectrum of different colour results on the skin, allowing you to match your tan to your mood, the occasion or even the weather. Simply ‘pick and mix’ from our array of products!

Choose the Touche De Soleil spray tan if you want a subtle colour change or opt for Gradual Glowing Self Tan to build a light tan that develops over the course of the day. Select Dark Glowing Self Tan for a full-on burnished look or pick up a bottle of Express Tanning Mist or Instant Bronzing Gel for a super-fast, short-term tan that looks as good as a salon spray tan.

All of our formulations combine a host of natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and cocoa butter, which hydrate, smooth and soften the skin. Each product is lightly fragranced with scents including lemongrass and patchouli, ensuring that your skin smells as good as it looks. Our tanning boffins have put their very best work into our range so that you can feel confident in your skin. Try a tan today!

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