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What is Defensil Plus?

2 Min Read Tuesday 27th December 2016

Defensil Plus is a blend of natural extracts that strengthens the skin and makes for a more comfortable waxing experience. Found exclusively in our pre and post skincare products, this compound reduces skin sensitivity and has anti-inflammatory abilities that soothe irritated skin.

The active ingredients in Defensil Plus¬†–¬†Sunflower seed oil, Rosemary leaf extract, Blackcurrant seed oil and Heartseed vine extract — possess¬†skin-calming properties¬†that provide protection to the treatment area and regenerate the skin barrier.

But how does it work?

Let’s break it down into two¬†key points:

  1. Waxing causes trauma to the skin by ripping¬†the hair shafts from their follicles. Strengthening¬†the skin barrier reduces the skin’s sensitivity to that trauma, which often manifests itself¬†as¬†redness, itchiness and spotting over the treatment area, and makes¬†the discomfort of a wax easier to manage.¬†Sunflower and blackcurrant seed oils are rich in fatty acids that actively reinforce and protect¬†the skin barrier.
  2. Heartseed vine extract is a plant-derived alternative to hydrocortisone (a steroid cream), which soothes the skin and reduces inflammation. When combined with the anti-septic and anti-irritant properties of rosemary leaf extract, it creates a healing formula that alleviates redness and swelling.

Sienna X is the only professional waxing brand to combine Defensil Plus in its formulas — order our skin-soothing products here.

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