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What is a guide colour?

2 Min Read Friday 12th September 2014

Why is tanner so dark when it comes out of the bottle?

A deep guide colour is useful during the application process.

Ever opened a bottle of fake tan and been taken aback by its super-dark colour? Bear it in mind that we’ve cleverly stained the formulation to make it appear darker on purpose. Why? To make it easier for you to see which parts of your body you’ve already covered with product.

Some self-tanners don’t contain a guide colour, which makes them tricky to apply evenly – you simply can’t see where you’ve already been. We find that it makes better sense to add some colour into the tanner to begin with to allow for ease of application. Your ‘real’ tan will develop beneath the guide colour and you’ll be able to see it as soon as you wash your tanner off in the shower.

So don’t be alarmed by how dark Sienna X tanners appear when pumped straight out from the bottle – there’s some method behind the madness! The final result will be far lighter than the guide colour, lending your skin a gorgeous glow and a radiant sheen.

If of course you do want to create a rich, burnished finish, use Sienna X Deep Self Tan to achieve a deeper tan. This is the darkest tanner in the Sienna X retail range – the deep guide colour will give you an instant bronzed look until your tan develops. Featured in Bella, Closer and Style magazines, this winning product boasts a streak-free formulation and contains anti-cellulite ingredients that soften and smooth the skin.

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