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What does a tanning extractor fan do?

2 Min Read Tuesday 21st March 2017

Extractor fans are often combined within professional spray tanning booths to collect up overspray. However, portable versions — ideal for salons with secondary¬†booths or for mobile tanners — are available too.

Here’s our guide on what tanning extractor fans do:

  1. Extractors draw out overspray and prevent particles of of tanning solution from dispersing beyond the tanning booth.
  2. They also siphon out that telltale biscuity smell of tanner, creating a pleasant environment for your client.
  3. Plus, they protect clients from breathing in concentrations of airborne tanning mist.
  4. Using an extractor fan saves on time — any residual overspray that isn’t absorbed by the fan remains contained, allowing swifter clean-ups between treatments.
  5. Mobile tanner? An extractor fan guarantees that stray particles of solution are extracted from the air before they can settle on surfaces and soft furnishings within client homes. Our mobile extractor, lightweight, portable and simple to set up on site, is perfect for home tanning.
  6. Busy salon? If you’re running back to back treatments you won’t have the¬†time to wipe down¬†the treatment room and air it out before the next client arrives. A powerful extractor fan will suck in overspray, guaranteeing a cleaner and fresher¬†experience for every customer. Our salon extractor fan installs easily into the back of a cubicle, is virtually silent and comes with a lifetime warranty.

For more details of Sienna X extractor fans and info on tanning booths that combine extractor technology click here.

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