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What are sticky feet?

2 Min Read Friday 26th September 2014

Which type of footwear should I wear to a spray tan treatment?

Avoid shoes like flip flops to prevent tan lines.

Never had a spray tan before? Then you might not know what sticky feet pads are and why they’re so useful.

These clever little disposable products are perfect for protecting the feet from tanner during a spray tan treatment. They look just like the insoles that you might put into your shoes to help them fit better except they have a sticky surface. Your tanning therapist will provide you with a pair to guarantee that the soles of your feet are protected from any stray droplets of solution that fall inside the base of the tanning booth.

Each pair of sticky feet will stick onto your soles, allowing you to step easily inside the booth without having to make contact with the floor. Ordinary flip flops will also protect the bottoms of your feet from becoming stained by tanner but they won’t allow your therapist to tan the tops of your feet fully because the plastic stems will be in the way. Wearing sticky feet instead prevents tan lines from occurring and saves your own footwear from becoming discoloured.

To create a tan that looks as close to a natural tan as possible, solution will only be applied to those areas of the body that would catch the sunlight if you were outdoors. The bottoms of your feet, the space between your toes and the sides of your feet will be bypassed by the spray gun to recreate the characteristics of a natural suntan.

When your tanner has dried you can discard the disposable sticky shoes, leaving behind golden feet and stain-free soles.


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